Rachel Pipper

“Already in my early childhood I have been lucky enough to experience the healing power of touching. My father practised acupuncture, did massages and visits as a natural healer. I myself did already give massages at that time; he asked my to regularly walk on his back with my small bare feet. Right after starting my family I also began massaging my children as a baby and onwards until the present time.

Massage and natural healing remained a constant factor in my life. So, in 2009, I decided to follow various massage courses and eventually to start giving professional massages. I myself receive massages regularly of course, so that I know from my own experience their incomparably beneficial effect, which I very much like to pass on to others.

Helping people to recover their well-being, to free them from tensions or pain, to give them more energy. This is my daily motivation and inspiration.

So, in 2017, I decided to change course. I quit my management job in order to fully dedicate myself to what suits me most: massaging and coaching people. I’m ever so glad to be able to extend and transfer my knowledge and experience at AHA Massage

Finally: I’m from the excellent year 1971, I’m a mother of 5 gorgeous children and 2 bonus ones. I live with my partner and 3 kids in Gouda. From time to time our house is getting crowded pleasantly with all the other kids. Beside that I practise sports regularly: running and training in the gym, followed by a sauna visit, are my favourites. I’m also an ardent DIY’er: bathrooms, kitchens, laying floors… you name it and I roll up my sleeves. Body and mind thus stay nicely balanced.”

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