Christel Reijgersberg

“For almost twenty years I’m working as a beautician and a relaxation masseur. With much passion and drive. I attach great importance to treating my clients in a way that takes their whole person into account.

That was why I qualified for the Dr. Hauschka therapy, basing itself on the human being as a whole with treatments consisting of touching skin and body that have a healing influence and stimulates the skin towards self recovery.

Beside that I’ve also been developing myself in doing massages. My training included regular (sports) massage techniques as well as deep tissue massage and mobilisations. I also took courses in various other massages such as foot reflex.

A massage is healing, relaxing as well as enriching for everybody. So I feel privileged that – apart from my work as a beautician and Dr. Hauschka therapist – I am part of the AHA Massage team of experienced masseurs.

Finally: I’m from 1968 and live in the Hague’s “Vruchtenbuurt” with my daughter and partner, enjoying the wonderful surroundings with dunes and beaches. Natural scenery makes me happy as well as travelling into the world with my family. My other hobbies are walking/running, swimming, cooking and reading.”

Christel Reijgersberg

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